5 Biggest 2022 Wedding Trends

The start of a new year brings something new in the wedding industry, But one of our favourite and most exciting things that a new year brings is new trends, especially wedding trends.

With the ease of lockdown restrictions, finally, 2022 has arrived with fresh new wedding trends, and every newly engaged couple hopes this year they will be able to enjoy the wedding of their dreams like pre-Covid weddings, which was full of fun and excitement.

Now it's time to move on to the Top 5 Biggest 2022 Wedding Trends list and see what really changes this New Year?

sequel weddings 2022

#1 Sequel Weddings:

After many wedding celebrations were canceled or postponed in 2020 and 2021, this New Year will be a year of "sequel weddings." A sequel wedding is typically a two-part wedding that gives couples the flexibility to host an intimate micro-wedding or elopement on their original wedding date and have a much bigger wedding party later(At first anniversary).

During the pandemic, we can see couples were less likely to celebrate their marriage in the way they would actually want. That's why many couples went ahead with a more intimate reception and legal ceremony in 2020/21. Then, they delayed until 2022 to host a big sequel wedding with all of their loved ones. While this wedding trend has come about due to lockdown, we can see it continuing in different forms for years to come.

#2 Weekday Weddings:

Due to the number of couples who have had to cancel or postpone their wedding over the past two years and more couples who want their dream wedding to occur this year, many vendors and venues are already booked fully for every weekend in 2022. Because of this, fewer weekend dates are available, and that's why more couples are booking weekday weddings this year.

Many couples hosting their weddings on a weekday are giving themselves a good opportunity to tie the knot within this year and still have their dream wedding ceremony and reception. Yes, this may be a little unconventional and disappointing initially, but you'll definitely notice more weekday celebrations in 2022.

#3 Backyard Venues:

Yes, events were canceled or postponed in the past two years, but even the pandemic didn't stop the couple from getting engaged. Due to the vast number of weddings postponed last two years and another year of recently engaged couples looking for venues, some couples decided to get creative with their wedding venue.

This year, backyard venues are rapidly becoming a favourite choice for brides. What could be better and more memorable than having your big day celebrations in your own or even your parents', relatives' backyard?

intimate wedding trend 2022

#4 Intimate Celebrations:

The most popular trend in the wedding industry in 2021 was Couples planning intimate wedding ceremonies because of indoor/outdoor gatherings restrictions. About a year later, even so, many restrictions being lifted, this trend is still at its peak in the wedding industry. Couples are still planning to have intimate wedding celebrations, but this time for different reasons.

The more intimate gathering helps the groom and bride splurge in other details of their dream day, such as decorations, venue, lighting, food, and drink options. Also, Intimate wedding celebrations allow happy couples to invite only those who matter most to them, making their big day stress-free and more manageable. Although couples did not as readily welcome 2021 intimate weddings, this is now one of the biggest wedding trends for 2022.

sustainable bride

#5 Sustainable Choices:

In 2022, you will notice that more & more brides would prefer sustainable resources for their big day. For instance, a wedding trend within this bigger theme is the concept of renting a bridal wedding dress or bridesmaid dress instead of shopping for a new one. Expect – some of these sustainable things can be your "from something borrowed tradition" on your big day!

Another bigger theme for this trend is creating eco-friendly decorations with natural flowers or plants that guests can take home to plant after the reception. Also, reusing decorations or linens from previous weddings is becoming very common within the wedding industry.

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Tips we give our Second Creative Videographers

I am David from 20.media and I have trained many videographers over the years and I wanna to share with you some of the most important tips I give someone who works with us on a shoot.

Today I will share probably the most valuable piece of advice for students coming into the live events filming environment. That is to slow your capturing brain down and count every single shot.

Some people call this the 10 second rule and I think every shot being at least 10 seconds is a great starting point.

wedding videographer rule

Why count when filming?

There is allot of things all happening at once and the temptation is to just wave your camera around and capture everything. The issue is you look back at your footage and there is nothing there you can use in the edit. You need to take a logical approach to capturing everything slowly, tell that story and then move on to capturing the next thing happening.

Personally I like to capture several different shots of the same thing so I go for a 6 second rule,
Everything I'm filming, the bridal details 6 seconds of wide then 6 seconds of tight. Venue setting shots 6 seconds movement shot, then 6 seconds static shot. Throughout the day when allot is happening I encourage you to slow down and make sure every shot you are capturing is at least 6 seconds of useable footage.

This works for more than just wedding filming

Film highlights for a conference, or live dance show as a b-roll cameraman? Use the counting rule for all your shoots to improve your skills as a camera operator and make the editors life a dream instead of a nightmare!

Another bonus rule for second operators

Our second operators are employed for their creativity and high level of skill when it comes to movement work( drones, gimbals etc). However we give them a 2 non movement rule for every 1 movement shot. This means they have to capture twice the amount of low movement as they can creative movement shots. We encourage our operators to let the natural movement take priority and let the action happen in front of the camera, instead of always creating artificial movement.

We encourage our operators to be creative in other ways, for example on how they frame their shots and angles and lenses that they use etc. (crush backgrounds)

Quick Movement Ideas To Improve Your Wedding Filmaking

Add to your filmmaking with these inexpensive bits of kit. Each piece of kit is designed to complement your main footage and fit straight into your camera bag , so you can bring these with you on every shoot.

Want to add a bit of wow into your wedding filming, music videos or impressive roll into your documentary shooting. Well this is all about adding that little bit of movement into your films with no bulky camera slider in sight!

I am going to take one pretty big assumption for this video and presume you already own a fairly modern mobile phone or action camera to use with all these accessories. As they are intended to be used for insert shots and not the main footage.

The first bit of kit you will just need the ability to capture time-lapse and my iPhone 12 works great for this. Now time-lapse by itself is often a great thing to introduce into your filming to add a transition of time passing or to quickly show an otherwise uninspiring outside atmosphere and space. But adding a bit of movement to this time-lapse turns it into a wow moment. There are several turning tripod heads which you can mount kick off you time-lapse and leave to do its magic. You don’t even need a tripod really, why not set it on a table when the guests are walking into the reception for a shot like this and go film so other shots and hope no-one has moved or stared straight into your time-lapse! The Newer version is about £50 and it has a couple of speed setting for you to play around with . The great thing is it really doesn’t talk up any space in your camera bag and can add these moments to you film and up the production value quickly. Well as long as it takes to film a time-lapse!

The next bit of kit I have used to quickly do a dolly shot, I actually use a mirrorless onto of this with no problems at all ( it has a 5kg payload limit) but again you could use an action camera or smartphone mount onto of it. It has 3 variable speed , but I often set my camera to a high frame rate for an even smoother look in post. It comes with a remote control to start and stop the motion of the dolly. It has adjustable wheels so you can pan around any object in a circle or use it straight like a camera slider shot.

Charge it up chuck in into your bag and quickly get some product and detail shots that are quite impressive.

With the quality of images now on something like the iPhone 12 pro max it really has opened up the possibility to use it for some brill footage and quick setting shots when being a solo shooter.
3 axis gimbals have been around for an age and they really have come down in price and have become better and better

This gimbal is £71 ! I actually use it to grab some vertical videos to promote my work through channels such as TikTok. The ability to stabilise vertical video has meant I can quickly and easily leave this setup for grabbing pieces of vertical video throughout a shoot. As my main cameras will be capturing horizontally as all video should be!

It come with its own app so you can capture some motion time-lapse with it as well , vertical motion time-lapse if you want to. It has a handy 3 ¼ Screw hole at the bottom for you to mount it to a tripod for this or you can use the mounting point to add a light to the gimbal whilst filing .

Mentioning lights, if you don’t already use some form of on camera or off camera lighting for your filming. Portable blogging style ring lights have really dropped in price and are always worth carrying in your bag for evening shots, interviews or anytime when lighting could quickly make a difference to a shot.

This newer one has a variable lighting from 3200 to 5600 , 10 different lighting levels and various mounting options and includes a table top stand. All for £20. Power in via a usb power bank or laptop easily.

Using DaCast to Live Stream Weddings

"Thank you so much for the video. It was absolutely fantastic and the editing was superb. Our family in Norway said they felt as if they felt as tho they were there.I can’t believe how many people were watching. How incredible! A lot of Norway family were all together at one event with a big screen so that accounted for about 20 people. I have watched it back several times and I am so grateful to have the memory and parts of the service that missed. Thank you. Xx"

There are many solutions on the market that enable you to live stream weddings to virtual guest with the most popular being YouTube and Zoom. DaCast is a great option to consider due to its channel nature, penetration into China and quality control options.
Live stream wedding china

More Control

A free streaming service takes allot of control out of your hands. Whilst this can be fantastic for ease of use and management, it does mean that when you need to perform certain tasks like password protection or control over areas and websites you can’t easily achieve these.

DaCast gives you a high level of control over who watches your content and at what quality, you are able to set locations and passwords with ease. It also reaches hard to reach areas such as China with contracts with Chinese based CDN services with multiple points of presence (PoPs) across the mainland, you gain access to 1.4 billion people behind the Great Firewall.

You also get levels of control over appearance and style and you don’t get inappropriate suggest videos at the end of your stream!

If there are issues just reconnect

Sometimes you just can’t get a reliable internet connection! We have streamed all over the place and occasionally there is nothing you can do to get a better internet connection. This is where DaCast is fantastic, you can use a free service like OBS to stream at a low quality and even if frames are dropped DaCast will play what it receives without cutting you off. YouTube requires a constant reliable stream or it will terminate the event, leaving you to start a new stream and try to let everyone know the new link!

What features would be great with DaCast

The three main features/benefits that YouTube offer that DaCast don’t are

Live Chat - You can use external devices to integrate live chat on your website, but YouTube and Zoom enable your online guests to not only watch but interact with each other or leave messages.
Compatibility and Familiarity. YouTube just works for people and they can access it on a variety of devices such as TVs with ease. You won’t get guests contacting you in a panic because they know how to watch a YouTube stream already. DaCast is fantastic at working on all devices and does just work, however it is harder to access on TVs.
Instant Replay. DaCast is a channel meaning that anything you put through it is watchable straight away as it happens, its not setup as an event that replays as soon as its finished. It would be great for DaCast to enable a feature of an instant replay of a recorded event.

Read more about our Live Wedding Stream Packages Here

Live London Wedding Stream to China

Our Live Wedding Stream from London to China

If you have a wedding that you require streaming to hard to reach countries such as China we can help.

The wedding of Carol and Samuel was at the Undershaft Church in London, we filmed the ceremony with 3 cameras and included
8 pre-recorded sections within the live stream. Over 800 people were watching live from all over the world.

live stream to China
London WeddingChina Live WeddingLive Wedding streaming

Live Wedding streaming to China

Our Recommended Photo Booth Hire Company


When it comes to booking a wedding supplier we always recommend booking experienced professionals Picture Blast photo booth hire company have over 10,000 clients since 2008.
Booking experienced suppliers has constantly come up amounts brides advice after their wedding, with brides giving glowing reviews to photographer, caterers who are experienced and often finding problems with suppliers new to the industry. When a smaller or less experienced company comes across problems they often don't know how to resolve the issue quickly, where as experienced suppliers have seen it all before.

We believe that our film and photography services work well in tandem with a great photo booth company. We provide all the memories of how you day unfolded, who attended and who did and said what, whilst the photo booth enables so great informal portraits of all your friends and family together having a good time.

Its so much more than a photo booth

It all stated off as a passport style photo booth where you would pop in sit on a stool and pose with some silly faces, but nowadays you have so many more options that can fit in perfectly with your wedding day.

Magic Mirrors, Selfie Pods and now the trending Post Box Selfies combing a photo booth and video booth with a traditional post box for your wedding cards.

A Selfie Postbox Photo Booth Hire for Any Event!

Picture Blast offers a selfie postbox for only £179 and includes weekend hire and no attendant is needed. No messing around with print on the day guests can simply add in their email address or iMessage to get a copy of the image or Boomerang GIF. This has become a very popular option as it can fit in nicely with any wedding, taking over minimal space, costing less than a traditional photo capture option and saves o hiring a wedding postbox.

Why Picture Blast for Photo booth Hire In London?.

What other hire company can say they have covered events involving Alan Shearer's 40th, Danny Dyers wedding and a Simon Cowell party? Knowing that when you book a hire or service that there is support there instantly and everything will go to plan without any hassle is invaluable. If unsure about anything just call one of their friendly team with any questions you may have.

With Magic Mirrors for £399, Selfie Pods from £299 and the traditional Photo Booth hire for only £379 there really is no need to look anywhere else.

Check out their website at www.pictureblast.co.uk.

Funeral and Burial Live streaming

As we enter Lockdown number three, we reflect on how hard the past year has been for everyone involved in the wedding industry and for couples looking to get married.

Currently we are helping those who are saying goodbye to loved ones Live Stream her funeral or burial to people unable to attend in the UK and all over the world.

How we professionally live stream a funeral or burial

We have been filming events for internal and broadcast use for the past 20 years, here is how we approach live streaming a funeral service or outside burial.

Any event we film we look at being discreet and in the background, this means that we need to establish good positions for our cameras, tripods and microphones.

If it is a local church service we will attend the church before the day to establish where things are happening and to have a chat with the Pastor. We will then discuss camera positioning etc with them and take on any advice they have for us. Whilst we are there we test out the internet connection side of things, as nearly all the time we connect via our own 4g connection we will test out positioning and strength of different network providers.

For a church service we will often use 3 cameras, one camera operator and someone to mix and provide the internet stream.

We create a video thumbnail by the picture and information you provide and then place this on a webpage on our site for people around the world to view the service. The video stream itself goes through YouTube on a private link page and can only be found by people sent the direct link. We have found YouTune to be the most flexible and reliable service for people connecting around the world.

An outside burial can be harder to film and stream, this is due to power supply and weather conditions.

Often we will use one camera, and several microphones. The streaming operator will then work from a nearby car or tent with their own power supply. If you have any questions or would like to find out more contact us today. www.2020tv.tv/funeral-filming

2020 The Year of Live Streaming


So 2020 has become the year of micro weddings, but these weddings are being seen live all around the world. We have now live streamed 15 events in London, Surrey and Kent. All with viewers all around the globe.

Live Broadcast Standard Wedding Live Stream

We live stream to the same quality as live broadcasting any event. We use multiple broadcast quality cameras, some are remote controlled and the main camera is operated. We then make sure the sound is just as high in quality by placing microphones in all the places were sound needs to be heard. We then live mix all the cameras and sound levels together with external graphics to deliver a fully immersive experience to all the virtual wedding guests, this means they truly feel part of the day.

Why we believe YouTube is the way to stream

Using YouTube enables a unrivalled Live Chat platform for all the wedding guests to interact and leave comments the moment things happen on screen. YouTube also enables a reliable high quality stream with no issues with the number of people watching live.

YouTube also enables streams to be scheduled, reminders to be sent and us to interact live with any delays or help live with any issues people may be facing. Videos can be made Public (easy to find). Unlisted (direct link to be sent to guests) or private (only certain YouTube account holders are allowed to access the live stream).

Belen and Maxim

Belen and Maxim recently married at Warwick Street in London. We managed to find a reliable 4G connection from the balcony and a suitable position for 3 camcorders giving a great all round view of the brides entrance into the church, vows and readings. We placed a radio microphone on the Minister, Groom and by the lectern to provide crystal clear sound of the complete ceremony.

We have found ourselves really enjoying live streaming weddings, the feeling and instant feedback from the online audience really adds a dimension to the day. Belen and Maxim had an audience of over 300 live viewers from all over the world including Belen's home country of Argentina.

Find out more about our live wedding streaming services.

Bethany and William

Bethany and Williams Live Stream and extra films are available to view here


Find out our live wedding streaming prices here

Wedding Tips

We decided to make an infographic explaining some of the wedding tips we have picked up over the last 20 years as a company.

We hope you like the infographic and feel free to tell us any of your own ideas!

Secret wedding tips

How To Live Stream Your Wedding Ceremonny

Ways to Live Stream Your Wedding Ceremony From Easy To Professional.

live stream wedding

With the current restrictions being 30 guests many couples are finding the answer to extra guests is by live-streaming their wedding to the internet via a platform such as YouTube or Facebook. I want to give you a broad overview of ways that you can stream your ceremony from the simple to the more complex professional broadcast quality solutions.

1. Simple - The quickest and easiest solution as you probably guessed is by using your phone to record and stream to Facebook or YouTube. A couple of tips if this is the option you’re going choose, is to use a tripod with mount and to position it at the front near the wedding couple so that you get a clearer sound. As long as you have a fast enough connection via 4g or WiFi your good to go. There are a few cons with this set up the first being Audio. you really are at the mercy of the quality of your phone's microphone, yes there are solutions to plug a microphone into your phone however this just adds to the complexity of the setup. The second con is the ability to monitor and control the stream. Whilst recording you really don’t have much control over what the camera and audio decide to do.

2. The second solution is to use the camera with built-in live streaming capabilities this way you’ll be able to use a smartphone to monitor and control the stream. It also gives you the ability to plug-in professional microphone for cleaner Audio. This option is often used by wedding videographers who add streaming as an option. Some affordable and practical Livestream ready cameras to consider are the Go Pro from the hero 7 onwards, the Zoom Q2 and the MeVo. A couple of quick tips is the plugin an external battery pack into the camera to make sure it lasts
throughout the ceremony and to have a quick look for the best settings of your camera if you’ve never used it before ( you will want to turn off any fisheye, stabilisation ).

3. The third and much more complex way to stream your wedding also delivers the very best quality. For this option, you will need a DSLR or mirrorless camera capable of sending a full HD 1080 HDMI signal, an HDMI cable, a laptop and capture card(such as camlink). You will also want to connect your laptop to either your phones Internet connection or a dedicated 4G dongle you could connect your laptop to the church, hotel or venues Wi-Fi if this is quick enough and you ask your guests to not connect at the same time. Lastly, you will need some software to make it all work there is free software such as OBS studio which lets you set your live stream up to any way you would want it to go. You can then plug professional audio directly into your camera and this will be carried through to your live stream through the HDMI cable and capture card.

4. Okay so now we will talk about our own multiple cameras live stream set up and with operated cameras and multiple microphones, this is the truly professional way to put your wedding out on the Internet for your other guests to see. It enables you to have professional audio, well frame shots and even the option of starting or ending your live stream with a custom video message or a photo slideshow  to give it a better experience for your online guests. In many ways it is a similar set up to option three however you will need to use a vision/ audio mixer and multiple cameras. The mixer will enable you to change camera angles set up the audio and to include external elements such as the slideshow or a video message. The professional solution also uses channel bonding when connecting to the Internet this is when two or more Internet signals are used together to create a more reliable connection because if one of the signals stops then the other signal can pick up the slack. We often connect to the Internet by the venues definite or Wi-Fi and also bond in a 4G or multiple 4G connections from different network providers. The best way for us to provide this streaming service for you is to have one person operating and filming the wedding ceremony as normal and another staff member in charge of setting up and monitoring the live stream. It is impossible for one operator to film and to monitor the live stream simultaneously., so to multicamera with one operator you would need to have static cameras. 

How to have a Zoom Wedding

How to have a Professional Zoom Wedding and Other Streaming Options

There are many options now to help enhance your wedding during restrictions due to Coronavirus. We recommend using a service such as Youtube or Facebook for the ceremony and Zoom for the Speeches. There are other options, for example if you just want specific people to see the ceremony direct on their phones we can FaceTime them through our laptop with professional cameras.

We are happy to work with you and talk through different ideas and options. The main advantage of using a professional for your live streaming is the use of multiple cameras and maybe more importantly professional sound. So that everyone can not only see you but hear you nice and clearly as well.

Why Youtube and Facebook?

This will allow all your guests to enjoy a live stream from multiple angles and in great quality, then after the ceremony grab you phone or laptop and start interacting with people on the chat.
The feedback from using this setup is that people really felt like they were there with the multiple angles and closeups during the ceremony. You will be concentrating on each other during the ceremony and won't have time to interact on a zoom call, seeing everyone on a screen at this point can be quite strange and distracting.

We can even play a video message before the ceremony and extras like a slideshow or photograph afterwards.

Zoom for the Speeches

On the other hand Zoom works perfectly for the speeches and even enables people to make their own speeches via the Zoom, call. Seeing everyone watching on a large screen really works well as you can spend time seeing everyones reactions whilst they can see yours. We can connect this unto the venues large screens and audio system, or work with your DJ.

Testing The Connection

Ultimately a digital wedding is just like any other and hiccups can happen, it's important to remain flexible. If your zoom call is experiencing difficulties jump onto FaceTime or Youtube and carry on from there.

When we are helping with a Digital Wedding, we set up a GOTO PAGE on our website for you to share with all your digital guests. On this page will have the links for them to watch or to join the call. If things change we can setup the new links on this page on the day. Helping everything run smoothly.

Covid 19 - Small Weddings in June

Small Weddings Back On The Agenda From June

It looks like shortly weddings will be back on the agenda. After Boris announcement yesterday, plans are underway on a staged approach to weddings. We are unsure to quite what extent but there is likely to be a strict limit on numbers being able to attend and social distancing will have to be adhered to. We have a range of ways that you can involve all your friends and family in your big day, both instantly or straight after the event. Letting them see the ceremony, speeches, highlights or all of it!

This means we have adapted the way that we work in guidance to government guidelines. We have always remained in the background of your day and for us the new measures won’t prevent us from capturing your day as normal. We can easily capture all of your day whilst remaining a safe distance away from you and your guests.

1) Wedding Streaming

Set us up a little table at the back of your ceremony room and we will be able to use our compact equipment and computer to offer an instant or quick stream of your ceremony/speeches/same day highlights (see below).

Premier Your Event

We are able to upload your wedding ceremony to the internet straight after your ceremony for you to enjoy an instant premier with an extended number of guests and interact with them via Facebook of YouTubes live chat portal.

Live Streaming -

We can also live stream your event to YouTube and Facebook or to your preferred destination (such as our website). This will be a multiple camera live stream where we can also start your ceremony off with a slideshow or film and if you desire end the ceremony with a pre recorded film of you thanking you guests etc.

Live streaming always depends on the internet options available at the venue, however most venues are able to offer a dedicated connection of a high enough speed for our devices to upload at a great quality.

2) Ultra Quick Turnaround

We have a great team of editors and we are offering a quick turnaround on all of our films at no extra cost. We are aiming to get your filmed edited and out to you within 3 weeks. In many cases it will be quicker.

3) Same Day Highlights

Just can’t wait! Then purchase our same day highlights package. We will bring an editor with us on the day to capture, edit and grade your footage and audio. They will have you highlights ready to watch as an online premier that evening (often 7-9pm). You can then watch it at the wedding and live with all your guests not able to attend. We can talk to the DJ about the options of them able to show this for you or we can arrange to bring our own screen/speaker at an extra cost.

Help Your Wedding Videographer

5 Easy Ways to Help Your Wedding Videographer and Also Help Them Remain Unobtrusive

My Post-16

1). Send them a wedding schedule with timings and with as much details as you know ( for example Kelly and Simon will be doing the readings - There will be 4 speeches from Dad, Best Man , Groom and Bride)

This will help the videographer plan and be in the right place at the right time, not rushing about trying to make sure they capture everything.

My Post-17 copy

2) Make sure there is a small space for them to stand to film your ceremony. Often the flowers are placed either side of where the couple are getting married and the person conducting the ceremony will stand directly in front of you. Although a good videographer will make the best of any situation, planning for a good position for your videographer will enable them to stay in one place and remain unobtrusive.

My Post-18 copy

3) Inform the important people and guests that the day is being filmed. You will often notice the videographer more when your guests get in their way. The biggest moments of the day when this can happen are.

When the best man comes up to hand over the rings and proceeds to then stand in front of the camera. Often the registrar will inform him not to do this, but pre-warning the best-man will mean the videographer won’t have to move to capture the ring shot.
When you walk back down the aisle. One of the best shots of the day the new bride and groom walking down the aisle, however all your guest want a piece of the action as well. Guests will often step into the middle of the aisle to get a shot with their phone of the happy couple, unfortunately this will mean them appearing in your photographs and film instead of you!! Let the register tell your guests that they may take photos of you signing the register but otherwise to please wait until after the ceremony. This will enable them to enjoy your day and get the shots they want, but to also stay out of the professionals way.
Pre-warn the people making a reading or speech that they will be being filmed and wearing a recording device. We are used to finding the important people and mining them up however If they know to come and ask for one, it will enable us to concentrate on getting on with recording the day, instead of tracking people down.

My Post-19

4) Book a second videographer. Having a second videographer can often help in larger weddings. Not only will you get extra angles of the big moments, you can also have two simultaneous moments captured (such a groom preparations, or guest shots whilst the photographic session is happening)

My Post-20

5) Stay in contact with us before the day. Let your videographer know if there is anything you need advice on for your big day or any changes that occur in terms of timings. Letting them know a point of contact for the wedding reception and even sending pictures of all the important people before your day will help them when they first arrive.

Roxy and Alex

Ben and Emma

Ash and Roshini

Sophie and Rushabh

Angela and Thomas

Lara and Andy

Do You Need a Recieving Line?

The Formal Receiving Line

Being Bride and Groom, no doubt you would like the opportunity to great every guest personally at your wedding and the formal receiving line is the traditional way to achieve this. This normally takes place just before the sit-down wedding breakfast, although we have seen many guest over the years accidentally do this after the cvil or church service. To avoid an accidental greeting of guests make sure you move away from the church or civil room, otherwise your guests will stop to chat to you on the way out causing a blockage inside the church.

Problems With the Receiving Line

The most common problem with the formal receiving line, is that the wedding is often running late and the chef has hot food to plate up. Something has to give and its often the receiving line. (TIP) Save some time by reducing the line down to just the bride and groom or by using the experience of a toastmaster to move guests along quicker.

Informal Ways to Great Your Guests

Allot of bride and grooms will feel the formal line is just too old fashioned and will want a less riding way to great everybody. Here are a few ways that this can be achieved.

1) Going around the tables after the main course. Your wedding caterers will be relaxed once the main course has been served and as you have been served your main first, you should have plenty of time before the desserts are due to be served. Your guests will also be happy to great you once being fed and watered! Although you will be talking to each table as a group, don’t expect it to be allot quicker than a receiving line, but (TIP) bring the photographer around with you to take a photo at the end of the chat and this will gently move the process along.

2) Use the time when the room is changing around. Often there will be the need to clear up after your wedding breakfast and to change this room around fro the evening reception. Why not use this time to great your guests. Be inventive! Why not serve your guests chocolates, or a drink from the bar?

3) Use your evening Photo Booth to request guest shots.
Get some fun photos of everyone including your evening guests, whilst getting the opportunity to say hi to everyone and giving them a photo to take home with the happy couple. (TIP) So that you recognise guests avoid full face masks as props!

4) Add a video booth. If you have a large number of guest and fear that you might not be able to great everyone personally, add a video booth so they can leave you a video message.


Omar and Robyn

Northbrook Park Wedding Videographer