This is the picture of the first time I held a camera over 20 years later and its my passion.

Our Team of Wedding Film Professionals

We are a small full-time media company founded in 1996 and now in the second generation of ownership. We currently work on TV programming, corporate films and with discerning wedding clientele. We won Asian Wedding Videographer of the Year London and the South in 2017 and have been recognised with the highest award of excellence for the Association of professional video makers.

David - Owner/ Videographer / Editor
David Barden kent
A Bit About You?
I am a Husband, Dad, tennis nut and a Disney fan (have been14 times!). I love watching and analysing films and I am always looking to learn by reading good old fashioned books and listening to audible on the way to a job.

I am passionate about cameras and technology, but still believe the power to a great film is in the storytelling and the way you use technology to suit this.

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How did you get Into Filming Weddings?

I was born in 1982 and now I have over 20 years experience filming weddings!

I started filming for the very first time at the age of 11, going on to filming my first solo wedding at the age of 15.

My father had always been passionate about filming and asked if I would like to try. He showed me how to hold the camera and I instantly loved seeing things through the lens and being able to tell my own version of the story.

I was involved in my fathers media company throughout my education and I went into media full-time after gaining my degree.

Who have you filmed?

Lots of different people from reality stars to politicians and prime ministers. I have filmed famous entrepreneurs , sporting stars and even royalty.
What have you filmed?
I have filmed allot of stuff that has been broadcast on TV including documentaries, concerts and award shows. I also film allot of corporate films and conferences. In terms of weddings, I have probably filmed most types of weddings over the last 22 years, however I am most experienced in English, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Persian, Ethiopian and Eritrean weddings.

I have filmed all around the world and been through allot of baggage checks! I have filmed all over the UK and countries such as Canada, USA, Kenya, Zambia, Trinidad, Ireland, India, Spain and Belgium.

award winning wedding videographer
What do you love about your Job?
I loved looking at each job as a different story, seeing what makes this wedding or event unique and then brining this across in the final film. You can do this by what you film, yet also by how you edit the footage. You can play with what shots you select and in what order, but also things such as colour tempo and one of the most important factors is sound.

Even when filming an event or conference there is always an underlying theme, push and emotion that you can bring together nicely into an overview or highlights of the day . If this is done well then the film will connect and deliver its purpose in a way that a ton of different shots stuck together could ever do.

Many couples have a great story behind them which they bring into their wedding day and I try to successfully bring this to life.

There is a huge aspect of technical knowhow in todays filming world and its all about the latest equipment, camera, technique, update or trend.

I enjoy the fast pace of change however I still think the 11 year old me had it spot on, the most powerful thing about my job is using the lenses to shape peoples view and to tell your story.

Videographer Surrey

Old Ricky
Ricky - Founder, Videographer and Photographer

Ricky is the main person you will speak to before the wedding day. Here is what he says about himself in his own words.

I bought my first video camera some 38 years ago to film my young children growing up.

Cameras were vastly different then, bulky, inefficient and expensive but when I saw the magic of being able to capture those precious early moments of both sight and sound, moments I would never see again, I was hooked.

Of course, ever the perfectionist, I was never happy with my finished films as I wanted the best production I could do and television was my benchmark. Unfortunately, every piece of new equipment I bought was so expensive
in the early 1980’s.

I then decided to justify spending thousands of pounds on new media equipment, especially when supporting a young family, that I had to start making money from this expensive hobby.

Because of the high cost of video cameras there were very few people filming weddings so very quickly I found myself very busy. This enabled me to invest in more high end equipment which led me to take on television and corporate work.

In 1996 I bit the bullet and gave up my safe but unexciting day job to do something I love full time and have never looked back.

By offering both film and photography together we have been able to offer clients a complete media package with work taking us all over the world.

When making an enquiry for one of our services Ricky would normally be the first person you speak to.

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Reg - Experienced Cinematographer

Reg has a keen eye for a great shot. With many years experience, you name it Reg has probably shot it!

Now working creatively with cinematic style cameras, Reg enjoys live action filming and is always there to capture those important moments.

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Peter - Qualified Drone Pilot and Cinematographer

Peter has been working with us for over 20 years, filming over 500 weddings and events with us. His passion has always been flying, using simulators since a young age. Now his passion is capturing breaking aerial shots and stills.

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