How Much Should I Pay for a Wedding Video?
What goes into the cost of a wedding film?

The Cost of a Wedding Video

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How much does a wedding video cost in 2023?

And why does the price of a wedding film vary so much!

The quick answer is starting at about £1500 - £2500 for a one day event, but read on to find out why and how to get a film cheaper.

So before we talk about the average costs of a wedding videographer in the UK and for comparison in the USA and Canada (where in our opinion some of the best filmmakers come from, we compare ourselves with). Lets talk about that goes into constructing this cost.

What is Included in Your Package

The biggest price factor is what is included in your wedding package. How many videographers and coming along on the day (I you want more artistic shots of the big moments or 2 things recorded at the same time you will need two videographers). Also how long are they in attendance, what final films do you get in the package and how is the final film presented to you? How long is spent eating, grading and finalising your films?

More bespoke packages can also include additional days of filming and this will obviously add to the cost. For example coming with you to capture the engagement or wedding planning, or making a video about your love story to show at the wedding day itself.
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Cost of Equipment

A big factor in the cost of a wedding film is the equipment owned by the videographer , what will be used to make your film. This varies heavily and should be one of your major concerns when booking a videographer.

For example a videographer shooting on an older style DSLR camera with limited other equipment such as sound recorders, gimbals and tripods could charge allot less than a videographer using a multiple modern cinema cameras, gimbal, fluid head tripod, sound recorders and discreet lighting options.

When making a Hollywood film equipment usually comes in 3rd after cost of actors and sets. But at a wedding the actors and sets are already there!

A modern cinema camera like the FX 6 and lens will cost around £8000. A videographer charging the correct amount will own several cameras of a similar quality.

Professional Wedding Streaming

Experience and Cost


Ok I know it sound boring but experience is really key in filming a large event such as a wedding. You should expect to pay more for an experienced operator who is working at the top of their field. They will be in more demand for the following reasons.

1). An experienced operator will be a lot more discreet on the wedding day not needing to ask questions about everything. An inexperienced operator will need to ask more questions, will over record and often be in the way allot more.

2). Will record nearly every shot perfectly. A lovely testimony we got recently said exactly that “ that we nailed every shot”.

There are allot of micro decisions to use throughout the day as a videographer and experience will mean the correct decision is usually used.

An inexperienced operator can lead to varying results. You must have seen a video where parts are wavy over exposed and out of focus. This is due to the operator using the wrong focus setting, setting the ISO value wrong, not manually setting the white balance in tricky lighting etc. An inexperienced operator may also decide to use the wrong lens, or decide to go handheld for the ceremony instead of using a tripod or gimbal.
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Time Taking Creating the Wedding Film

Time Taken on the Editing Process

A Hollywood film can take a year in post production, yet some wedding videographers boost about how they can edit a wedding in one day! We believe about a week is a good time to edit a wedding film together properly. This includes electing the footage, the edits, colour grading and sound editing.

Editing is where the look and feel of your final films are achieved. Paying more often leads to the videographer taking longer in the presentation of your final films.
“Couples who commission us often do so because they have a clear idea of the film they would like, they want to push boundaries and want the very best for their special day. People who are willing to pay for such a level of service include celebrities, those already involved in the film industry and often want to remain anonymous.”
World's most Expensive Wedding Film - Snowbird Motion Films

So…How Much Should Wedding Video Cost

According to Hitched a wedding film should cost you between £1500 to £3000 and we agree with this figure if you book a filmmaker who tricks all of the boxes set out above. The way to get this cost down is to book a videographer who is less experienced, using cheaper equipment, or is going to spend less time filming or editing your wedding.

The average cost of a wedding film in the USA is similar at $2000, however the more cinematic award winners charge around $7000 to $20000. For this price you are really aping for the experience , equipment and level of production detail that goes into your final film. Many of the techniques from Hollywood filming will be used to craft a film like version of your day.

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